Anastasia Hale
Graphic Design & Photography


12 Years!

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This year marks 12 years since Galyna and I came to US for the very first time. WOW! 

It's been only four days since I met these girls, but with everyday passing by I get attached to them more and more. And I can't help but reminisce about my first trip here. It's almost like I'm watching my younger self through my older self eyes, if that makes sense. 

Sveta, the older one, reminds me so much of myself. She's very shy and quiet, and she doesn't smile a lot, unless she's playing with a dog. Ira, reminds me a lot of my younger sister Galyna. She has a lot of energy and boy, she can eat. 

Please keep these sweet girls in your thoughts and prayers this Christmas. Yes, they're having a good time, but they do get home sick once in a while. I just want them to have a special Christmas and New Year this year.