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"I wasn't even born yet"

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On Monday we went to One World Observatory next to the September 11 Memorial. How do you even begin to explain what happened here when neither of the girls were even born yet? But they both asked questions which made me happy that they were curious to know.

It was great to just watch them walking around and looking around at the foreign city and people around them. The girls enjoyed themselves but last night they got a bit home sick, which is understandable. They both are still so young, and even though they like it here, it's not their home, and I hate to say it, probably never will be. 

Frontier Horizon brings kids to US in hopes that someone might fall in love with a child (children) and might be able to adopt. But in the past few years I think the percentage of that happening dropped significantly. Plus people want to adopt younger children. There are a few lucky ones that got adopted at the older age, and I'm so thankful I was one of the lucky ones.